09/17/2017 News

You know you are an African player in Europe when...

Mane et Salah

 Life as an African football player in Europe unfortunately isn’t a walk in the park. To make it on the Old Continent is a tough gig, especially when…


… you are always introduced as a tough and athletic player.


… you are your team’s best dribbler. And its most accurate passer, while we are at it…


… you are always being asked how you handle the winter months.


… the situation with your club gets tense every couple years, for two weeks before January. The AFCON, what can you do…


… you are always discovering new friends, and end up spoiling a whole village.


Hakim Ziyech


… you remember with a twinkle in your eye your first field in Kinshasa, Bamako, Dakar or Yaounde.


… you make a few people back home a tad jealous.


… people are too often surprised you’re not always laughing.


… you tried at least once to have your hair bleached.


Clinton Njie


… you no longer have issues with bonuses, except if you play in Greece or Turkey.


… people always ask you how many cousins, uncles and aunts you have got.


… you have walked a tough road to make it.


… actually, nobody really know how you made it.


… you put a dash of colour in the team’s wardrobe.


… the grass is actually green.


… people always question your age, and it’s been the same since the less than 16. It’s actually starting to get on your nerves.


… you play for the RC Lens. Or at the Stade Rennais. Or in Belgium.


 Joris Gnagnon


… you always have to justify your national team choice.


… you dance the Roger Milla dance every time you score.


… you watch yourself - and like it ! - in “Talents d’Afrique” on Canal +.


… come to think of it, you know Canal + Horizons pretty well by now.


… you score a little less goals to the other teams’ keepers. Expect if you play in England.


Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah


… you sometime speak about yourself in the third person. Eto’o style!


… you are always being asked about those con artists. Of course, there’s just so much more integrity in Europe…


… you go back home and say ‘See, told you I’d make it!’