09/28/2017 News

You know you like street football games in Africa when...

YKT - Young child playing soccer

 You can’t say you like it when things are over organised. You’re spontaneous, you like improvisation, the ball and dust. So you know you like street football games in Africa when…


You’re part of an ASC (Sports and culture association) in Dakar. Or somewhere else.


All your mates live next to your place.


You’re a kid and must stay in your parents’ sights (well, except if your dad is the coach, the president, the secretary and the intendant of the club at the same time).


You know what navétanes are.


You bloody love seeing Drogba, Eto’o, Zidane, Ronaldo and Messi play on the same team.


You know what a flip-flap – a “crochet banane” in french – is.


You think passing the ball is pretty much useless.


YKT - Young children playing soccer


Come to think of it, goalies are pretty much useless as well.


You never liked being summed up by a license number.


For you, one-twos can only be played with walls. Or utility poles.


You know you can only control the ball with your sole.


You’re a scout and you know you’re about to see something you’ve never seen before.


Well-maintained grass piss you off.


What you like is dirt and rocks, something for a technical player.


Really, according to you, bad bounces are just part of the game.


You never understood the point of cleats.


You’re just begging for an excuse to dust off your vuvuzela.


You like to yell at every nutmeg.


Anyway, the game stops at every nutmeg.


You really don’t mind being picked last. As long as you get to play.


You like seeing a player pretending to die and getting up thirty seconds later.


You’ve got an hour to kill and you don’t have a TV. So it’s gonna be two hours. Maybe three.


You’re stuck in traffic on the corniche, so it gives you something to glance at.


You’ve decided to boycott the UEFA Champions League anyway.


You love vacant lots.


YKT - Beach Soccer



You like your clubs with a small budget.


You live for the ball. Simple as that.