10/12/2017 News

You know you think you are Samuel Eto’o when…


Every weekend you sit down casually to watch your Antalyaspor game. You’re a true fan of Samuel Eto’o, and your passion, neh, your ethics compel you to follow the Turkish championship. In fact, you so badly dream to be him that your entire life is impacted.



messi etoo



You’re not good at what you do. You’re great.


You look younger than you actually are.


You’ve got issues with your ex-girlfriends.


You write down Top 10 of your wackiest quotes.


You’re actively looking for a job in Turkey


You’re untameable. For life.


You don’t get why people who speak about themselves in the third person are considered divisive.






You travel a lot and your passport is almost stamped out.


Game-console in hand, it’s not you who’s playing Lionel Messi, it’s Lionel Messi who plays for you.


You’ve had the same cell number for the past fifteen years, but you change your jersey number every three months.


You’re one hell of a mime.


You can’t get enough of watching football during the Olympics.


You don’t dare eating in your office cafeteria, the chances one of your enemies poison you are just too high.


Your friends raised a few eyebrows when you started learning Russian.






You don’t get the point of the Oscars, the Nobel or the Pulitzer, or anything that even resembles an individual reward.


You've got a nicer smile than all the Hollywood posers put together.


You don’t care for catechism: the only Trinity for you is “In the name of the Son, and in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Son.’


There’s only one beauty island for you, and its name is Majorca.


Roger Milla is at the top of your football pantheon.


You’ve heard Istanbul is actually quite a nice town. Maybe. But you go on vacation in Antalya, on the South coast.