05/18/2017 News

You know that you're going to love the Total U17 AFCON when...

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

The Total U17 AFCON has started last Sunday in Libreville. Between veteran tales, bonuses issues, and new talents, here are a few good reasons to follow this competition, which is often snubbed by football fans from all over the world. - CG.


… you know that the greatest talents of the continent have distinguished themselves in this competition: Samuel Kuffour, Nii Lamptey, Stephen Appiah, Michael Essien, Seydou Keita, Mahamadou Diarra, John Obi Mikel, Celestine Babayaro, Wilson Oruma, Victor Ikpeba, Nwankwo Kanu, Youssef Msakni and even Wilfried Sanou. Who’s turn?


 … you know exactly who Nii Lamptey and Isaac Success are.


Nii Lamptey


… you like to spin your globe to choose your next holiday destination randomly. “Gabon!” – “Oh no, not again!” – “Well, it’s the game, old sport.


… in High School, you would please the crowd with your flute. Later on, at the music academy, you took vuvuzela as an option.


… you love The Lord Of the Rings because there’s a “white wizard” in it. But your favorite film remains Benjamin Button.


 … you watch every episode of Animal Planet and your favorite channel is National Geographic Wild.


… your guilty pleasure while browsing the web is watching videos of animals fighting. Eagles versus sparrow-hawks, panthers versus antelopes, lions versus elephants…the hard law of the savanna.


… speaking of which, you’re pretty sure that the elephant is by far the strongest of all


… your girlfriend has just left you and all you have now is your passion of football.


 … you like to boast around telling everyone that this young player from Burkina Faso will be amazing in a few years. Real recognize real.


... besides you want to sing “bro’, it is the power, it is the power” with each duel won.


... at last, there’s a continental competition with only eight teams. You don’t have to write down 200 equations to find who will qualify as the best third


… you’re Nigerian, Gambian, or Ghanaian. Statistically speaking, this gives you a 25% chance of winning.


Michael Essien


… you have already planned on watching all the matches while eating Nyembwé chicken.


… this reminds you of this wasted career, because of this damned cruciate ligament injury you suffered at sixteen, which stopped you from signing for AC Milan.


… you’re a hairdresser and you want to find out more about neon hair coloring.


… you want to be able to tell yourself that you could have been an international goalkeeper.


… you like it when the grass on the day of the final looks exactly like the grass of the central court at Wimbledon at the end of the fortnight.


… anyway, you always thought that if there is a turf, there is a match. That’s it!


… you think that the referee’s mistakes are part of the essence of this sport.


… you’re Moroccan, Algerian, or Tunisian and you feel like honking.


… you’re a Stade rennais supporter and you want to make sure that your board doesn’t waste the money during the next transfer window.


…you’re a scout for AJ Auxerre or the RC Lens.


Aruna Dindane and Seydou Keita


… since the boxing match between Joshua and Klitschko, you’re convinced that youthful energy and idealism always wins against the experience of the oldest ones.


… you expect a lot of emotions, because, as you know it, we are not serious when we are 17 years old!