11/14/2017 News

You know you’re more of a dribbler than a passer when...

Gervinho against Japan.

You live for the finer things. You’re an artist, a player for whom the stadium must rise, and to hell to those saying football is a team sport. So, you know you’re more of a dribbler than a passer when...


Your mates keep telling you Yaya Touré has always been under appreciated, but you don’t care cause your hero is Gervinho.


You don’t really see the point of switching play.


You use tactical set-up as a time out to shine your shoes.


You’ve always crushed your mates when it comes to juggling. Come on, it ain’t that hard doing 50 right and left, is it?


You spent your childhood putting together neighbourhood games. With a Abedi Pelé jersey – Marseille era - on your back, obviously.


Humiliating your opponent is a source of true pleasure.


You think you see what a player’s truly made of when playing on dirt and stones.


The sole of your feet is callus. You simply hate shoes and studs.


Your idols are Okocha, Madjer and Brahimi.


You’ve always wondered who the hell came up with ‘three against one’. You always saw football as a one-man show.


For you there’s no Magic System. There’s A’Salfo and then the rest of the world.


When you play with your mates, you’re always the captain. It’s called natural leadership.


You know Segun Odegbami would never have become The Mathematician if he ever looked up.


The first thing you do every morning is to go through Thabo Rakhale’s highlights. Do you guys remember that derby against the Kaiser Chiefs in 2016? That was mental.


You never share the blanket. Too bad if the missus coughs in the morning.


You’ve never carried the balls, not once in your life. I mean, did Elvis Presley carry his suitcases?



Gervinho against Colombia.