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12/22/2017 News

You know you don’t have a preferred national team when…


So you’ve heard you’re never as moved than when you see a game where your country’s playing, but it doesn’t mean much to you. Flags, borders, anthems… All that stuff simply doesn’t move you. You know you don’t have a preferred national team when…







Everytime a game starts you yell “Go Football!


Then you sit back down and tell everybody around you you’re only there for the game’s sake.


But really you’re waiting to see who’s leading in the 88th minute to decide who you’re gonna back up.


You’re a big fan of the Sheepdog’s “I don’t know” chorus.


You simply love animals and donate every month to shelters and association. So obviously you can’t choose between the fennecs, the lions, the elephants or the eagles.


You speak Arabic, a bit of Lingala, some Wolof, and know basic Swahili.


“To choose is to renounce”, said André Gide. Why not. Except you didn’t show up to make sacrifices.


You always vote for the center party cause you just can’t pick a side.


Your jersey collection would have made Louis Nicollin, former president of Montpellier Hérault SC, green with envy.


You’re actually not planning on having a kid at the moment. Cause really, what could have been the baby’s room is really a museum to your jerseys.


Algeria’s jersey in 82, Nigeria’s in 94, Zaire’s in 74, the sleeveless Cameroon one… You know your classics, and you take care of them.


When asked what kind of music you like, you always answer “a bit of everything”.






You think borders simply have made their time, and you’re a fierce supporter of European federalism and Pan-Africanism.


You took your passion as far as trying to learn Esperanto.


You’re a huge Google Earth user, because it allows you to change country within a couple minutes.


When you go to the movies, it takes you an hour to decide on one.


Your name is actually Claude Le Roy.


Every AFCON is a month of happiness for you, because no matter who wins you’re happy with the outcome.


You’ve never been known for your faithfulness when it comes to love.


You call way too many people “brother”.


You can’t say you fully understand the idea of “loving the flag”.


If, god forbids, a war starts, you know you won’t run to die for your country.


By the way, you aren’t really fond of the patriotic heroism coming from a bad Hollywood turkey.


You know roughly fifteen anthems by heart.


You couldn’t care less who’s playing as long as the game is good.