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11/20/2017 News

You know that you prefer the Total CAF Champions League to the UEFA Champions League when...

Ah Ahly lors de la qualification en finale le la Total CAF Champions League

Indeed, the Champions League represents for a large part of the population the competition taking place in Europe. But not you and your mates, who easily favour its African homonym. That’s because...


You think that African Cup of Champions Clubs, its former name, has a lot more class than Cup of European Champions Clubs.


You never forget to underline that its little sister is called the Confederation Cup. That is definitely sexier than Europa League.


You hate the Real Madrid. You always have.



Cristiano Ronaldo, vainqueur de l'UCL 2017



You love Al Ahly. Even more so since the 2000s.


You already know that the Décima will be the best day of your life.


And that the Red Devils have nothing to do whatsoever with Manchester United.


You don’t like the idea of a tournament in place for three or four countries to show off.


So you have the bare minimum of respect for Michel Platini.


Even though your favourite African nation remains Egypt. It just has to.


You’re not the biggest fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Iker Casillas.


As opposed to Stephen Worgy, Waël Goma and Mohamed Aboutrika. Now those are real players.


You never forget that there’s only one Chelsea: the Berekum Chelsea Football Club. And that it’s still waiting for its first CAF Champions League trophy.


You think a season must be set around a civil year. A final in June? Now that’s just preposterous.


You have a laugh every time you ear “Cup with big ears”. Ridiculous.


You’re well aware than no game is ever easy in a competition worth the name.


And that players must adapt to the field and not the other way around.


You never underestimate the hidden strength of Hop-O-My-Thumb. Hey there, Enyimba FC.


You don’t think twice about a club’s president selecting himself the supporters that can attend the game. Hey there, Mortada Mansour.



Mamelodi Sundows



You don’t see what’s wrong with three clubs from the same country ending up in the same group. Hey there, 2015 edition.


You do see a substantial problem with final without second leg play while it’s been the case for all prior times.


You never understood a thing to the lyrics of this song.


You consider that adding the main sponsor on a logo gives him a serious aesthetic bump.


You were watching TV (or at the stadium) on November 4th.